Black Cane Corso

black cane corsoThe Black Cane Corso exhibits much intelligence, and you can train this dog easily. As far as athletic breeds go, this dog needs more exercise to keep it from entering into destructive behavior. However, this dog can become a respected member of the family quickly. You should do your best to give this breed extensive socialization in the beginning. This dog doesn’t handle being kenneled all day or trapped in a small apartment. He should have a yard with plenty of space to run in.


An Affectionate Dog

The Black Cane Corso is an affectionate dog breed, and they will bond with children and the rest of the family. You should, however, prepare to invest some time and understanding in this dog breed if you want the best results. As a dog, you should also know a little about the canine hierarchy these dogs live by. For example, they need to see you as the pack leader if they will respect you and not give you behavioral problems.


How This Mastiff Outdoes the Others

With its agility, energy levels, speed and constant sense of adventure, the Black Cane Corso can easily outperform some of the other mastiff breeds. This dog does, however, require a fair amount of exercise if he will stay in good shape. Most importantly, the Black Cane Corso needs personal interaction and companionship because he lives for his family. If he gets left alone for too long of a period, he tends to grow bored and chews up books, couch cushions and other miscellaneous tasty objects. These dogs will normally be both friendly and trusting of strangers. If you have socialized them as a puppy, they will usually become more discerning and aloof as they get older. In fact, with all mastiffs, you should never underestimate socialization. You must socialize them if you want to nurture the correct temperament with this breed. The ultimate goal is to make them calm but in a more discriminating manner. The Cane Corso has an attentiveness to his owner, and he’s more responsive than what you might get with some of the other mastiffs.


Emotionally Unstable and Aggressive Dogs

Some people don’t understand how to raise or breed these dogs, which is where most of the problems come from. Without the socialization with the mastiffs, they can start to develop an aggressive temperament, which can put innocent people in harm’s way. Breeders never made this dog for fighting, but he can still become a problem with his temperament. Important to note, it’s best if you don’t keep this breed with a different large dog of the same sex because this can become a danger to both dogs.


Other Benefits of the Cane Corso

This dog will be more attentive than what you will get with some of the other mastiffs. While he can be strong-willed and dominant, he needs a dominant owner who takes charge in a confident manner. Unlike some of the other mastiffs, the Black Cane Corso has tighter skin, and he drools less than some of the other mastiffs. However, this does not stop him from digging holes in the yard, and he will usually get a lot of pleasure from splashing water all around. Bring out the lawn sprinkler, and you’ve sent this dog to heaven.


Who Will Want This Dog?

Massive and powerful could sum up the nature of the Cane Corso. He also has a short and easy-to-care-for coat of fur. Anyone who wants a dog with quiet calmness while indoors will appreciate what this breed has to offer. In addition, he makes a rather intimidating watchdog, which is why some people have taken a liking to him. Most of the time, this dog will have a cool and confident way about him with manners, but he can be aroused to aggression if the need arises. For people looking for that in a breed, you may see this as a good choice.

When you set this dog up alongside the mastiffs, this one exhibits more energy, and he’s an athletic breed who responds well to training. This dog does take up tons of space in both the car and the house, so he’s not good for a small home. People who aren’t home much also won’t appreciate this dog because he can do a lot of damage to the home while you’re gone.



  1. The Black Cane Corso is a mastiff breed from Italy. He is a complex, powerful dog with special needs. For starters, he is a giant breed, weighing up to 120 pounds. He was created to hunt big game and guard property. The Cane Corso has a massive head, heavy rectangular body, and a short coat in black, gray, fawn, or red.

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